The Association

The 2/16th Battalion Association plays an important role in ensuring and promoting greater awareness, understanding and recognition of the service and achievements of the 16th Battalions during the Great War and World War II.



Held at Irwin Barracks on Tuesday 5 August 2018


The Association held a Special General Meeting (SGM) on Tuesday 5 August 2018 to consider the Strategic Plan developed by the Strategy and Marketing Subcommittee. This Plan is based on the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities) analysis conducted by Dean Dyer with Members and Management Committee at the general meeting on 1st February 2018.


The Strategic Plan was presented and explained by Peter Norrish, Diana Salvaris and Lauren Murdoch and then discussed by those present. The meeting agreed to forward the Plan to the Annual General Meeting for consideration of endorsement by the membership for implementation in 2018/2019.


If adopted this Plan will be reviewed in 2019 as part of the planned revision of the Constitutions of the 2/16th Association and the Foundation, which is a requirement of government for Incorporated Associations.


The Strategic Plan has two Goals:

* Preserve memories of all those who serve in the 16th Battalions in WW1 and WW2.

* Foster and perpetuate the ethos of mateship, determination, resilience and courage.


These Goals, if adopted at the AGM, will guide decisions and actions of the Association over the coming years as the WW2 veteran’s involvement diminishes, our membership ages and the stories of the veterans becomes less accessible to young people.


The Plan doesn’t outline specific activities of the Association, as it is a higher-level statement of purpose. What those activities are and how they are conducted are proposed to be overseen by the Management Committee and conducted by several Subcommittees, with specific roles and responsibilities.


To ensure that members have every opportunity to contribute to the discussion it was also agreed to provide an abridged version of the Plan in this edition of the Pigeon Post.

Please have a look at the Strategic Plan document, that is provided below, and communicate any comments or opinions to Peter Norrish (Ph 0417 985 400) by Monday 1st October 2018, so they can be considered at the AGM.

For a full copy please click the link below.    


WAR IN THEIR OWN WORDS is a series of interviews cunducted with veterans of the 2/16th Battalion. It tells the story of life in the battalion in the words of the men that were there. Since the filming of these interviews many of the veterans have passed on. This production is dedicated in their honour and to all those who fought in the 2/16th Australian Infantry Battalion, AIF. Some of the content may not be suitable for young children. The full length interviews are in the videos section of this website. 


Pigeon Post was first issued on the 29th of August 1945. It was a news broad sheet published by 2/16th Batallion, HQ Coy "I" section and was issued free to all ranks of the 2/16th Battalion.


Would you like to contribute to the next issue of the Pigeon Post? Click here to send an email to the Pigeon Post team. Remember to include a relevant photo if you have one.

2/16th Battalion

Marching Song


We have come from afar in the Northwest

From the South where the tall timbers grow

From the stations and the farms

We have heard the call to arms

And we'll join in the world's big show.

From the mines and the wide open spaces

From the towns and the fields of our sport

We have come with spirits high

Have a fly do or die

To the scenes where the ANZACs fought.

We're the 16th the fighting 16th

Ready for the job on hand

Pals together in all weather

We'll be there to make our stand.

Meet the 16th the gallant 16th

What the odds are we don't care

And when it's all in

Just sound the fall in

And the 16th will be there.


Song Download 


Below are two versions of the Marching Song in MP3 format. The larger file is better quality but will take longer to download.


           Marching Song mp3 320kbs (3.84Mb)


2/16th Battalion, AIF Association President - Bill Grayden has just released his comprehensive wartime memoirs.


"Kokoda Lieutenant – The Triumph of the 21st Brigade is a book that should be read by every Australian and particularly by serving and former members of the ADF. It should also be compelling reading for the relatives of the men who served at any stage or in any of the Australian units in the Kokoda Track campaign." Hesperian Press

Copies can be purchased for $30 plus postage and handling through the 2/16th Battalion Association by contacting our Secretary Jim Grayden.

Kokoda 75th Anniversary

Seven direct descendants of Kokoda Campaign visited Beachheads and Kokoda to Commemorate the 75th anniversary of the campaign. 

From L to R  

John Murdoch, son of J K (Ken) Murdoch WX 3254
Ian Smith, son of J E (Jack) Smith WX 7283
Ken Walker, son of W (Bill) Walker WX 5620
Brenda Beacham, daughter of A l Piercy WX 2850
Richard Ingram, son of L Idle VX 28893
Peter Norrish, son of D K (Keith) Norrish WX 5859
Mary Goldthorpe, daughter of J K (Ken) Murdoch WX 3254

Leaving Australia for Port Moresby on Aug 1 the group met up with other members and visitors from USA and Brisbane, then  travelled to Popendetta before heading out over the next few days to Gona, Sanananda and Buna.

Back to Popandetta a visit was made to Kokoda,(laid wreath) Owers Corner and Bomana War Cemetery where we laid our second wreath.